Arbitrum Integration
Q2 2024Arbitrum IntegrationUnlocking access to the Arbitrum ecosystem and introducing new transaction routing and aggregation options using USDC on Arbitrum.
What does it mean?Integrating Arbitrum opens the doors to the biggest liquidity hub in DeFi. It enables easy and quick swaps directly to the Arbitrum ecosystem, tapping into new sources of transaction volume and reducing gas fees.
Affiliate Brokers
Q2 2024Affiliate BrokersAffiliate Brokers enable partners to use the Chainflip SDK without the need to run a proprietary Broker and introduce a mechanism to share fees amongst all affiliated parties involved.
What does it mean?This feature enables all affiliated parties to increase their gains by involving Chainflip-offered routes for designated transactions and creates strong incentives for aggregation providers.
JIT Quoter
Q2 2024JIT QuoterJIT Quoter service improves the quote pricing competitiveness by accounting for both deployed (passive) liquidity and undeployed (active) liquidity aggregated across all liquidity providers in the protocol.
What does it mean?The JIT Quoter creates an order book-like experience for Liquidity Providers (LPs) that enables them to give more accurate quotes by simulating a given swap. For users, it provides better and more accurate quotes.
Q2 2024BoostBoost will enable BTC swaps in under 1 minute, and enables a new feature: native asset yield. LPs will be able to earn yield by supplying the collateral that powers the Boost feature.
What does it mean?This feature significantly decreases the overall swap time for users. For example, the time for a BTC <> ETH swap would be reduced on average by 20 min. For Liquidity Providers, it offers an opportunity to generate additional yield on native assets like BTC.
Squid Router Integration
Q3 2024Squid Router IntegrationSquid will unlock access to thousands of tokens on 67 Cosmos and EVM chains on Chainflip's front-end. The mutual integration will also see Chainflip integrated into the Squid back-end, offering new routes, further expanding Chainflip's reach to more wallets and aggregators.
Solana Integration
Q3 2024Solana IntegrationUnlocking access to the Solana ecosystem straight from Bitcoin and Ethereum for the first time.
What does it mean?Integrating Solana connects Chainflip to one of the most vibrant and active ecosystems, without bridging-associated risks. A huge opportunity to attract its volume and offer users reliable access to Solana.
Fill-or-Kill Orders
Q4 2024Fill-or-Kill OrdersThis new order type enables users to execute a trade at a minimum or exact price.
What does it mean?Fill-or-kill orders allow users to define a guaranteed output amount of the asset of their choice and the ability to define slippage tolerance. This way swaps will be executed only when any of these conditions are met.
Dollar-Cost Averaging
Q4 2024Dollar-Cost AveragingWith Fill-or-kill orders, the Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) feature allows users to execute even larger swaps with lower price impact by splitting them into multiple (and smaller) orders over time.
What does it mean?This feature gives users more control over large swaps where minimising slippage and price impact is more important than overall swap time.
New Chain Integrations
OngoingNew Chain IntegrationsAs the Chainflip ecosystem expands, expect new chain integration announcements throughout the year.
New Protocol Integrations
OngoingNew Protocol IntegrationsMore integration announcements to position Chainflip as the destination for the optimal routes for the assets we support.