A game-changing protocol for native cross-chain swaps
Chainflip’s JIT AMM offers users low slippage swaps for native BTC and major chains. It’s decentralised, permissionless, composable, and powered by 150 independent validators.
Forget about bridgesChainflip’s protocol design removes the need for wrapped tokens to swap across chains.
ComposabilityEnables seamless integration with other protocols via cross-chain messaging (CCM).
Unlocking non-EVM chainsNative support for crypto’s largest assets like Bitcoin and new application specific chains.
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The protocolA novel AMM design using Just In Time LiquidityExperience the future of cross-chain swaps with our novel Just-In-Time (JIT) Automated Market Maker (AMM), specially built to minimise slippage and offer great pricing for high-liquidity pairs.

Security at the Forefront

Comprehensive security audit completed by industry leading auditers, Trail of Bits.

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Extreme Capital Efficiency

The new concentrated liquidity system benefits both users and Liquidity Providers alike.

Better Pricing

Market makers are incentivised to offer the best price. Users get accurate pricing and low slippage, even when placing large trades.

Earn Fees on Native Assets

Provide liquidity with assets in their standard form — no bridging required!

Backed by the best in the space
Blockchain Capital
Maven11 Capital
Coinbase Ventures
Delphi Digital
Apollo Capital
Mechanism Capital
Distributed Global
Eden Block
EGirl Capital
Defi Alliance
Morningstar Ventures
AU21 Capital
Flex Dapps
CTF Capital
Efficient Frontier
flip token
flip token glow
Powered by $FLIP

The $FLIP token is the powerhouse of Chainflip. Designed to be self-sustainable, it keeps our ecosystem decentralised, trustless, and secure, while rewarding validators for their service.

Securing the protocol

$FLIP is used as collateral for the validator network auctions to secure the protocol and liquidity

Value Capture Mechanism

Network fees are used directly to buy and burn $FLIP for the benefit of all token holders

Native to Ethereum

$FLIP is an ERC-20 token for adoption and composability, but fully integrated into the protocol

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