The efficient cross-chain swapping protocol
Our AMM Protocol gives users the ability to swap assets natively across any chain with extremely low slippage.
Forget about bridgesChainflip’s protocol design eliminates the need for wrapped tokens to swap across chains
Security at the forefrontDecentralised protections, audited code, and built-in failsafes designed to mitigate risks
Unlocking non-EVM chainsNative support for crypto’s largest assets such as Bitcoin and new application specific chains
The protocolA novel AMM design using Just In Time LiquidityUsing a more efficient liquidity management system, the Chainflip JIT AMM is purpose-designed with the challenges of cross-chain in mind. It will simultaneously minimise slippage while offering users accurate pricing and outcompeting other AMM designs in its class for high-liquidity pairs.

Extreme Capital Efficiency

LPs & users benefit from a new concentrated liquidity system of unparalleled efficiency.

Better Pricing

Get low slippage and accurate pricing, even when placing large swaps.

Earn Fees on Native Assets

Provide liquidity with assets in their standard form — no bridging required!

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Blockchain Capital
Maven11 Capital
Coinbase Ventures
Delphi Digital
Parafi Capital
Apollo Capital
Mechanism Capital
Distributed Global
Eden Block
EGirl Capital
Defi Alliance
Morningstar Ventures
AU21 Capital
Flex Dapps
CTF Capital
Efficient Frontier
flip token
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Powered by $FLIP.

Designed to be self-sustaining, $FLIP keeps the ecosystem decentralised, trustless and secure. Moreover it rewards validators, functions as a tool for protocol governance, and distributes network fees.

Securing the protocol

$FLIP is used as collateral for the validator network auctions to secure the protocol and liquidity

Value Capture Mechanism

Network fees are used directly to buy and burn $FLIP for the benefit of all token holders

Native to Ethereum (ERC20)

Issued on Ethereum for composability & adoption, while used as collateral for the Chainflip State Chain.

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