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Liquid Staking Partners
StakedFLIP logo
Liquid StakingStakedFLIP
Unleash $FLIP's power through a secure, transparent, non-custodial Liquid Staking Service for Chainflip.
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Cross-chain Integrations
Squid logo
Squid allows any token to be swapped between blockchains, and unlocks access to apps across chains in a single click.
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Axelar logo
Axelar delivers secure cross-chain communication for Web3. Their infrastructure enables dApp users to interact with any asset or application, on any chain, with one click.
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Wallets & Aggregators
THORSwap logo
THORSwap's DEX Aggregator connects liquidity across a number of blockchains and compares pricing from numerous Aggregators & DEXs.
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El Dorado logo
AggregatorEl Dorado
A native cross-chain decentralised exchange, enabling transactions in a permissionless, decentralized, non-custodial manner.
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HoudiniSwap logo
Houdini Swap is a compliant privacy tool and an infrastructure layer that enables private cross-chain transactions.
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THORWallet logo
THORWallet DEX is a non-custondial wallet with an integrated cross-chain DEX that allows to swap native assets across different blockchains with no intermediary.
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Subwallet logo
Your all-in-one wallet for Polkadot, Substrate & Ethereum. Track, send, receive, and sign transactions effortlessly across Defi and GameFi apps in Substrate chains.
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Rango Exchange logo
AggregatorRango Exchange
Universal cross-chain DEX and bridge aggregator. Rango offers smart routing over DEXs, DEX aggregators, bridges and cross-chain protocols.
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Defispot logo
Defispot is a multi-chain decentralised exchange (DEX) that allows users to swap, lend and provide liquidity without relying on a centralised third party.
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BitGo logo
BitGo provides regulated custody, financial services, and core infrastructure for investors and builders alike.
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Finoa logo
The regulated crypto platform for smart capital allocators: Protect, manage, and grow your assets with a secure platform built to meet your institutional needs.
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Anchorage Digital logo
CustodianAnchorage Digital
Anchorage Digital is a regulated crypto platform that provides institutions with integrated financial services and infrastructure solutions.
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Validator Providers
Staked logo
Validator ProviderStaked
Staked is a non-custodial staking infrastructure designed to deliver optimal rewards reliably and securely.
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P2P logo
Validator ProviderP2P
P2P helps investors compound their cryptocurrency investments through non-custodial staking.
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Chorus One logo
Validator ProviderChorus One
Chorus One develops technology to replace legacy structures, paving the way for an open, permissionless financial system.
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Unit410 logo
Validator ProviderUnit410
Unit 410 is an experienced team of security, infrastructure, and cryptocurrency engineers.
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Dora Factory logo
Validator ProviderDora Factory
Dora Factory develops protocols, tools, and infrastructure for open-source communities and frontier tech builders.
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Black Sand logo
Validator ProviderBlack Sand
Black Sand creates Bespoke web3 infrastructure.
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Figment logo
Validator ProviderFigment
Institutional digital asset staking solution. Complete for 250+ clients, including asset managers, custodians, exchanges, and wallets, to earn rewards.
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Liquidity Partners
Acheron logo
Market MakerAcheron
Acheron Trading offers technology-focused solutions to promote deeper digital asset liquidity and transparency.
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Auros Global logo
Market MakerAuros Global
Auros is a crypto algorithmic trading firm with refined algorithms designed to meet partners' specific needs.
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Selini Capital logo
Market MakerSelini Capital
Selini is a technology-forward market leader spanning systematic trading, alpha generation, and early-stage venture investing.
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TokkaLabs logo
Market MakerTokkaLabs
TokkaLabs are experienced proprietary traders optimizing liquidity and market efficiency in digital asset trading.
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JIT Strategies logo
Market MakerJIT Strategies
Headquartered in Dublin, JIT Strategies operate cloud based infrastructure services and develop market intelligence software for customers around Europe.
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Trail of Bits logo
AuditTrail of Bits
Since 2012, Trail of Bits has helped secure some of the world's most targeted organizations and products.
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Zellic logo
Developers, founders, and investors trust Zellic's security assessments to ship quickly, confidently, and without critical vulnerabilities.
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Ecosystem Partners
Propeller Swap logo
CommunityPropeller Swap
PropellerHeads is a decentralised infrastructure to give wallets, dapps and users the best price on any trade.
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DoraHacks logo
Explore the world of innovation at DoraHacks, BUIDLs, continuous funding, grants, bounties, and hackathons.
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Blockswap logo
Blockswap is a Telegram bot utilising the Chainflip network designed to revolutionise how you complete cross-chain swaps.
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